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Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my username for my account on What should I do to recover it?

Contact your local EarlyON centre and ask the staff to look up your name. Your username (no password) will be shown on the results page.

I forgot my password for What should I do to recover it?

Click the Forgot my password Click the Forgot my password button. The forgot my password page will then open. Add your username and then click submit. The security questions you answered when you created your account will appear and once you have answered those, you will be able to reset your password. Please note that security question answers are case sensitive. If these steps do not work, please contact your local EarlyON for support.

Can I still visit an EarlyON centre if I do not become a member?

During these COVID-19 times, signing in as a guest is no longer an option because of the contact tracing requirements. Becoming a member requires an address and phone number and this will provide the public health unit with the information they need to contact you should that be required. As an added bonus, once you are a member, you will be able to pre-register for activities at your favourite centres!

I just signed up for my membership online. How do I get my key tag?

EarlyON centres across the province have different ways to distribute the key tags. Some centres will provide the tag when you visit for the first time to your pre-registered program while others may choose to mail the tag to you. Consult with your local EarlyON Centre to find out how you can receive your key tag.

I would like to bring my child’s friend to the EarlyON Centre. Do I have to register that child under my account?

If you will regularly bring your child’s friend with you to the EarlyON Centre, obtain the parent’s permission to register that child under your account. This will make signing in and pre-registering for activities easier for you. Always connect with your local EarlyON Centre to determine if additional steps are required.

I lost my key tag. Can I get a new one?

Yes. Connect with your local EarlyON Centre to learn the process of getting a new key tag assigned to your account.

I am a parent but I also have some children that I am a caregiver for. Do I need two accounts or key tags?

No…everything is captured on the one account. When creating your account, you will be asked about your relationship to the child – whether you are a parent or caregiver. When you sign in at the centre, depending on the combination of children that are with you at that time, your attendance will be marked as a parent, caregiver or parent/caregiver. Additional steps may be required so please contact your local EarlyON Centre before attending with children outside of your immediate family.

How is my information being used?

The information collected within KEyON will be used for EarlyON planning and evaluation purposes. If contact tracing information is requested by the public health unit (for COVID-19), your name and phone number will be provided to them if you were in attendance with a person who has tested positive.

Can I use the key tag at any EarlyON centre in Ontario?

You can use the key tag at any EarlyON centre using the KEyON system.

To get a new key tag or some other code to be used, can that only be done at an EarlyON centre?

That is correct. In order to have the key tag registered to your account, it must be scanned by the Kiosk system.

Will a QR code be automatically generated and sent to the parent when they create their account?

No, all codes and key tags must be assigned by an EarlyON Centre. Connect with your local EarlyON Centre to find out if you can receive a key tag in advance of your first visit. If you would prefer to not bring the key tag with you on each visit, you can save a picture of the key tag to your phone (once one has been assigned to your account) and you can then use the picture to sign in using your phone.