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Information for Parents

The Ministry of Education funds EarlyOn centres across Ontario. EarlyON Child and Family Centres are open to all families across Ontario, and provide support, advice, personal connections and a network of resources as well as play- and inquiry-based programs for young children. Parents and caregivers also have access to information about child development and specialized services as needed. is a membership available to participating Ontario EarlyON centres across the province. Registering will make signing in easier and faster. You will receive a QR code which will be on a key tag or may be scanned with your phone.

Your registration is private and secure and will only be used for planning purposes in order to ensure your EarlyON centre is offering the best services possible.

For information about EarlyOn centres visit


KEyON was developed by Acorn Information Solutions (AIS) which is a department of the Sault Ste, Marie Innovation Centre. AIS has been contracted to deliver data analysis coordinator (DAC) services for the District of Sault Ste. Marie since 2006. AIS also delivers DAC services for several other Districts including Algoma, Timiskaming, Manitoulin Sudbury and Parry Sound.

Keyon is the second iteration of a digital sign in software solution developed by AIS. The first version, launched in 2013, was developed through Community Integration Leadership funding provided by the Ministry of Child and Youth Services. KEyON was launched in 2018 and was a complete new product developed to meet the requirements of Ontario EarlyON centres. KEyON was developed by AIS DACs for DACs. The KEyON software collects EarlyON attendance data and the aggregate data reports supply provincially required data elements. This data is essential to DACs when analyzing EarlyON data for planning and evaluation purposes.

Information for Providers

For more information on how KEyON can help your EarlyON centre capture real time data that can be used for planning, contact us at